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OPEN THREAD: Game #62- Warriors @ Magic

Warriors (W-L): 38-23

Magic (W-L): 40-23

Time: 4:00pm PST

TV: FSN Bay Area

Radio: KNBR 680

OH YEA! This is what I'm talking about - flying over to the East Coast and playing a monster like Dwight Howard - should be a great challenge. There are few players in this league that absolutely enthrall me and Howard is one of them. This is the kind of game I'll stay home on a Saturday afternoon, while the sun is out and birds are chirping to watch (even though I've programmed my tivo). Watching Dwight is a lot of fun, and watching our #1 offense in the league will be even more fun running against the Magic. Let's see what's at stake ...

Jump ...

Unfortunately, I'm sure we'll see a couple of these ...

With the Warriors' impressive victory over the Heat last night (cough cough) and the Nuggets' impressive victory over the Spurs, we remain only one game above them for 8th in the West. The interesting thing is that the Mavs and Suns have both suffered in the rankings. Following their colossal trades the Mavs have fallen to half a game in front of us and the Suns are only 1 game ahead of us. Who would have thought this to be the case? I doubt very much they will continue to fall so it's up to the Warriors to keep pace.

It's also nice to have Biedrins back in action. Playing limited time last night it seems he'll be back to full strength in no time. The question is, how much will Wright get to play and who the heck can control Howard tonight?

If we can make this game about the guards I'm hopeful we can pull it off. Monta and Baron playing limited minutes last night should give them enough energy to come out smoking tonight. Up against Nelson and Evans I'm not too worried. Controlling Turk and Lewis will be up to Jackson and Harrington. Don't be surprised if we see Pietrus on Lewis as well tonight.

I'm excited for this game. GO WARRIORS!

No Predictions but YaoButta's contest: If we can grab more rebounds than the Magic I have a feeling we can win this. Tell me the total # of rebounds the Warriors will pull down. Tiebreaker: tell me total combined # of rebounds for both teams.
Winners are tallied for end of season YaoButtaMing awards!

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