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The W Column: Counting W's for Week 23

This is a very special edition of The W Column. It's our first installment on Comcast SportsNet Bay Area! To break out this monumental occasion I'm going 4-0 for this week's edition of Counting W's. CLUTCH.

The W Column

What are your predictions for this week?

Just copy and paste the schedule below and fill in a W or L.

@ Spurs:
@ Mavericks:
@ Grizzlies:
@ Hornets:

Hit read more for a little bit about Comcast SportsNet Bay Area and a message from our friends over there about tonight's Spurs game not being televised.

With the move to the Comcast SportsNet Bay Area brand there's going to be lot of cool things happing in the wacky world of Bay Area sports. GSoM friend John Ryan from the San Jose Mercury has a little bit from Ted Griggs the networks GM: FSN Bay Area becomes Comcast SportsNet Bay Area + On TV, changing more than a name

About tonight's game against the Spurs from Comcast SportsNet Bay Area:

"Thanks for your feedback regarding the Warriors game this evening. Unfortunately, we don't have the channel capacity to be able to air both the A's, Warriors and Sharks games at the same time. The A's home opener against the Boston Red Sox this evening is an equally significant game for A's fans. We completely understand the importance of the Warriors push for the playoffs, and as a result, we made schedule revisions to drop our A's vs Cleveland game this Friday, April 4th in order to move the Warriors game from Comcast SportsNet Plus to our main channel.

We'd love to be able to cover all games for all our teams, but with four teams playing at the same time, please understand that we're doing our best to serve all Bay Area fans."

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