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OPEN THREAD: Game 74 - Warriors @ Spurs

Originally Posted: Tue Apr 01, 2008 at 01:34:09 PM PDT

I can just imagine Jax getting up and saying "April Fools!"

Warriors (W-L): 45-28

Spurs (W-L): 51-23

Time: 5:30pm PST

TV: No TV! This is an outrage!

Radio: KNBR 1050

Phew. That was a quick visit to the 9th spot. Hopefully it was enough of a scare to get this Warriors team over the hump to cement themselves in the top 8. We're battling for our playoff lives, the Spurs are battling for homecourt advantage throughout the playoffs. Baron vs Parker. Monta vs Bowen. Manu vs Jax. Beans vs Duncan. But there's one matchup that's more important than all of those. More important than Nellie vs Pop. This matchup is HUGE, it's of monumental proportions! If you don't know what I'm talking about, you'll have to hit the jump.

Go. Jump.

Dark Angel vs Desperate Housewife
Sin City hottiee vs uhhhh hmmmmm...
Invisible Woman vs wait, I can think of something...
Honey vs Hmmmm I don't really know what else Eva has been in. Do you?

I guess it wasn't that good of a matchup after all. I guess I have to concentrate on the game then.

Okay fine. It's not like this game matters.

The kind of defense we'll need - slap on the head, kick in the...

I'll be honest, on paper, I don't like the Warriors chances in this game.

  • The Spurs have won 7 in a row
  • They're 31-6 at home
  • Tied for #1 in the conference
  • Have their big 3 back
  • Just blew out the Houston Rockets
  • Peaking at the exact perfect time

Can the Warriors win this game? Of course, they can beat anyone on any day. But to win in San Antonio, they'll have to play a near flawless game. Pietrus needs to play (Haha I can't believe I wrote that). If he doesn't, the Warriors will need some sort of a solid contribution from Al and the bench. Monta, Baron, and Jax will do their thing, you know exactly what to expect from those guys. They will keep us in the game. It's the rest of the guys that are the wild card.

Which Al Harrington are we going to get tonight? The hustling, rebounding, and energy guy we saw against Dallas, or the stink up the joint Al we saw in Denver? Flat out, he hasn't played well and now is the wrong time to crawl back into his turtle shell. He whipped out the Dikembe finger wag on JKidd last game (interesting considering I think those were his first and second blocks of the season). Maybe last game is his turn-the-corner game where he gets that swagger back. His shooting is all about confidence after all - he looks scared to shoot sometimes. Get that swagger back Al, we need it.

Will Kelenna continue to step up? He's seemed to give solid minutes nightly ever since Pietrus went down. He was HUGE in the 4th against Dallas nailing clutch shots. But he was awful shooting against Denver. We'll need another solid, if not spectacular game from him.

Matt Barnes. I love the guy but he's been so ridiculously inconsistent. He's the guy you just want to cheer for, want to do well. If or when he gets back to that level of energy and production from last year (and it might be too late for him to find that groove) this team will hit another gear. But he does play solid D and does the little things to earn minutes.

Look, a loss doesn't kill us. The worst we could do is fall 0.5 games behind Denver for the 8th spot (if Denver wins). A win is huge. A win boosts our confidence. A win shows that the Warriors are afraid of nobody and can walk in anywhere and silence the crowd. A win gives us momentum to carry forward to walk into big D and take that game. A win tonight propels the Warriors back to the playoffs.

Predictions - April Fool's Edition

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