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OPEN THREAD: Clippers vs. Warriors

Warriors (W-L): 47-32

Clippers (W-L): 23-56

Time: 7:30PM PST tip off

TV:CSN Bay Area

At this point, will and skill alone can't get the Warriors into the playoffs.

Sitting at 47-32, one game behind the current 8th playoff seeded Denver Nuggets owning the tie-break and not to mention the Warriors during the season, the Warriors needs more luck than picking a four leaf clover, rubbing the belly of a buddha statue, and a billion heads-up pennies could bring combined.  Since halfway through the season, tonights game counts as much as the game before and the game before that one... basically the Warriors need to win and the Nuggets need to lose!  

This is all very possible still considering the fact that the Warriors are playing the injury-plagued LA Clippers and Denver is playing against Utah, who loses at home about as much as Patrick O'Bryant gets off the bench.  Translation: Never.  Lets hope today is no exception.

The Clippers just got Elton Brand back only to have Chris Ka(ve)man go down for the season.  Only five games into his season, Brand already looks like he's in game shape and rhythm.  I worry that Brand alone will somehow  will the Clippers to a win.  But I guess with Maggette potentially out,  this team looks nothing more than the NBDL team, the Miami Heat.  I guess summer-league came early for quite a few players this season!


* Warriors by 3
* Monta Ellis has 27 points
* Azubuike nets 8 points, but when it matters most
* Al Thorton scores 40 points
* Quinton Ross is tonight's official Warrior Killer

What are your predictions for the game?  Big things popping?  Little sh... stopping?  

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