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The Don Nelson Show KNBR 4/10/08

Lucky's our dogg.
  I can't tell you how ecstatic I was when I heard that the Warriors picked up Nellie's option for next season. He's the mastermind behind this operation and the only coach in the league that could win 47+ games with this erratic and deeply flawed roster and stingy ownership. The only coaching upgrades out there are Phil Jackson (as long as he comes with 2 mega-stars and all time greats) and Jerry Sloan (as long as he brings a bruising 4 like Karl Malone or Carlos Boozer). After that 12 year drought we're lucky to have Don Nelson steering this ship.

But that's not all I appreciate about this hoops legend. Nellie's pure entertainment every time the media mics him up. The weekly Don Nelson Show (mp3) on KNBR with The Razor and Mr. T is a must listen. Every time Nellie comes on he's funny, candid, and insightful. You just know Nellie's on the phone sipping a cheap American cold one when he's talking to Ralph and Tom.

Jump for some notes from his latest show.

  • Nellie thinks last year's team with Jason Richardson was better than this year's even though their record is better.
  • If the Warriors kept JR he would've played him at the 3 spot with Monta Ellis at the 2.
  • About JRich- "We sure coulda used him."
  • Nellie believes that if he played the young guys earlier they wouldn't be in the chase down the stretch for the final playoff spot.
  • Both Brandan Wright and Marco Belinelli have the potential to be very good players.
  • The 10 missed layups against the Nuggets really hurt them.
  • The Warriors didn't do well against the Nuggets zone because 1) They're good at it, 2) They're pretty athletic, and 3) Unforced turnovers.
  • You have to take what's there against the zone, even if it's a quick shot.
  • It takes 3 great players/ superstars to win it. Denver is one of those teams that has 3 stars.
  • Travel's not a factor anymore for determining who goes to the playoffs. The top 16 teams should go.
  • Nellie owns half of Assistant Coach Larry Riley's house because of his money skills at Gin Rummy.
  • The team played great all season.
  • The Dubs beat every team except for Utah this season at least once.
  • They had a great season without dominance inside.
  • There's no question the Warriors were tired, but he doesn't think they were tired against the Nuggets since they had a day off.
  • The bench isn't dominant. "There's nobody there to put in."
  • The team is going to "play like heck" the rest of the way!

Any things from this interview that stood out in your mind?

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