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OPEN THREAD: Game #81 - Warriors @ Suns - Will History Repeat?

Originally posted by YaoButtaMing: I had to hijack the Open Thread from YBM while working out the nuances of the system. His preview is below.

Warriors (W-L): 48-32
Suns (W-L): 53-27
Time: 07:00pm PST
TV: CSN Bay Area Plus
Radio: KNBR 1050

Hey Baron … if you guys need motivation for tonight!

Tonight will determine if we will have one last shot at this or if we will have the next 7 months to argue who was more deserving to get into the playoffs. From my standpoint if we really wanted it we should have beaten Denver in our own house last week. I don’t care if Houston lost it for us last night; we are the only ones to blame for our own destiny.

But before I weep in the dark corner of self pity, what do we have here? A shadow of a hope? A chance for history to repeat itself? Weren’t we in the EXACT same position last year when it went down to the very last game of the season? When the Clippers lost an easy one, sending us to the joyride of the playoffs? Coincidence, conspiracy theory, the same ol’warriors trying to make us fans sweat?

Well before I get into the hyperbole of what’s at stake … we have to first beat one of the best teams in the league … the Phoenix Suns in their own house.
Can we do it?

I always say … if there’s a will there’s a way! And we have a way. Do we have the will?

Tonight we have one of our toughest challenges. Denver beat Houston and is half a game ahead of us. So technically speaking the only way for us to make the playoffs is if we beat the Suns tonight and the Sonics on Wednesday, and if Denver loses to the easiest team in the league … the Grizzlies.

This is all shaping up to be yet another excruciatingly exciting game with two of the top offenses battling it out. With Shaq’s presence now making Stoudemire a likely MVP candidate for next year, they will be difficult to stop. Throw in a little Steve Nash and I bet a million or so Warrior fans are ready to throw in the towel. But not I! We can do this! We Believe! We are going to win tonight … and Hollywood couldn’t set this up for a more dramatic Wednesday!


YaoButtaMing's Corner: Tell me the combined total score of tonight's game. If tie, please tell me who has more fouls, Baron or Nash?

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