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OPEN THREAD: Game #82- Warriors vs SuperSonics - GSoMers Appreciation Night!

Good god I hope we aren't holding this sign in 2020.

Warriors (W-L): Lottery Bound
SuperSonics (W-L): Lottery + Oklahoma Bound?
Time: 7:30pm PST
TV: None
Radio: KNBR 680

It's funny how things work out. This game marks the 3rd final regular season game of a Warriors season that we've covered on GSoM. After one of the most frustrating Warriors seasons 2 years back my main man Fantasy Junkie had the "honors". He called it a nightmare. I'd have to agree. I was in full out "93 til Infinity" mode back then and the only thing we had going for us was the legendary Yi Movement. (If you got those references you're just "Unstoppable Baby!")

As you all hopefully remember I had the honors for the very last game of the 2006-2007. It was just special. 1 Dub. 1 Luv. To tell you truth I really couldn't believe what I was typing that night. The Warriors were going to the playoffs?!

But this final regular season game of the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors season? Well, we're back to the "honors" with the quotes.

I'm hoping the Roaracle will be packed and bumping just like the good old days. I'm talking pre-gentrification of the Warriors fan base. Even though I'll be rolling with FJ to the game in the luxurious GSoM season tickets (thanks again to all the long timers for helping us finally reach our goal this season) I'm thinking about going back to my roots for this one. Maybe for old time's sake I'll hustle the ticket scalpers on the BART skybridge for some discounted Warriors tickets that only the craziest of Bay Area hoops junkies would want. I'm talking about the good old days when the Warriors sales department and the poor souls trying to scalp tickets on the skybridge couldn't pay people to go watch the team play. I'm thinking I can even get some 2 for 1's. Just like the drought baby.

It's odd, but part of me really misses that feeling where everyone in the world thinks I'm crazy for scraping up some change to go watch the Warriors ("Who?") or blogging about them ("Are you NUTS?"). We Believe things have really changed, but is former Warrior Gilbert Arenas going to call me tonight and ask "But you're not a fool are you?"

As for the actual game against the SEATTLE SuperSonics (S.O.S.), well it's completely meaningless. Monta Ellis could go 1 for 20 and it means nothing. Marco Belinelli could duplicate his fool's gold summer league game and go off for 37 points again. It still means nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Anyhow thanks to that worldly flex schedule, ESPN has dropped this game from their NBA Wednesday coverage. The game won't be televised, so if you want to see it you're going to have to fight your way through some rush hour 880 traffic or push your way through some packed BART trains alongside some stompin' A's fans. See Traffic Alert: Wednesday, April 16- Warriors vs Sonics []

Still here's 3 reasons to roll to the Roaracle or listen to game on the radio:

  1. Gone till November like Wycleff. Can you believe the next time we'll see or hear a Warriors game that counts in the standings it'll be November 2008? That's days- months actually. Enjoy the Dubness for one last night.
  2. If you're in attendance you can... Holla at yo folks! Fantasy Junkie (Justin) and I (Shailo) will be in Section 109 row 27. We ran out of GSoM goodie bags to hand out at our last party, but come by and we'll shake your hand with our foam fingers. Just look for the super good looking version of Harold and Kumar.
  3. It's GSoMers Appreciation Night! Last year I asked everyone to drop a quick line in the guestbook (the comments section) to record the fact that they were part of history. Well this time it's a different type of history. Make sure to drop a line even if it's a quick "Unstoppable Baby!"

Prediction: We celebrate GSoMers Appreciation Night with a whopping and never seen before ONE THOUSAND COMMENTS in this open thread!

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