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OPEN THREAD: Day 1 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

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2422499098_65439516e6_mediumIT'S PLAYOFF TIME BABY! []

Don't forget to make your picks for a chance to win a free t-shirt of your choice from the GSoM Store 2.0 or an iPod Touch (from BallHype)! Definitely check out these Playoff Predictions that the HoopsAddict crew invited me to be a part of too.

Make the jump for some Day 1 picks.


G1: (5) Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers (Series Tied 0-0)

The "overrated" LeBron James and the Cavs should prevail at home in an entertaining game that comes down to the final minute where the Wizards once again forget to play D.


G1: (6) Phoenix Suns @ (3) San Antonio Spurs (Series Tied 0-0)

I like Shaq and Amare against the Spurs down low. The Suns begin the quest for revenge right. Still can't believe this is a 1st round matchup.


G1: (7) Dallas Mavericks @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (Series Tied 0-0)

Still can't believe this one's a 1st round matchup either. Two very good teams. The Hornets size down low should get them this W at home.



G1: (5) Houston Rockets @ (4) Utah Jazz (Series Tied 0-0)

I hate to say it, but those classless Jazz fans should get the brooms ready.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.


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