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OPEN THREAD: Day 2 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

The last time AI played a Game 1 in LA...

Jump like AI over Tyron Lue!

 G1: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Series Tied 0-0)

I think I'll go with Dwight Howard at home in the Magical Kingdom against Rasho Nesterovic and the Craptors.


 G1: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) LA Lakers (Series Tied 0-0) 

The Nuggets are capable of beating anyone in the West in a 7 game series except for the Lakers. On the road in LA? Don't even think about it. 


 G1: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Series Tied 0-0) 

The Pistons do play down to their competition in the playoffs, but not tonight.


G1: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series Tied 0-0) 

You will know if the NBA is rigged for the bookies If the Hawks beat the Celtics in this Game 1.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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