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OPEN THREAD: Day 3 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Let me explain to you why I HATE LeBron James.

We both graduated high school in the Spring of 2003 yet I'm pretty sure he's made more money in the last year than I will ever make in my lifetime.  Sure sure, maybe he's the next Jordan, maybe he's going to end up the Hall of Fame, but at least I'll have a BS in Biomedical Engineering!  Honestly, if I was a foot and a half taller and had skills, I'd be right where he is!

Aight, I'm done sippin on the Haterade, hit up my thoughts about today's game!

  G2: (5)  Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavaliers Lead 1-0)

The Washington Warrior...errr...Wizards, don't stand much chance on the road against my mortal enemy.  


 G2: (4) Utah Jazz @ (5) Houston Rockets (Jazz Lead 1-0) 

Does anybody else think it's funny that the 5th seed has the home court advantage on this one?  Will TMac finally make it past the first round?  I hope so cause I have my money on the Rockets!


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments

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