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OPEN THREAD: Day 4 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs


And I thought I loved this game!

Interesting little trifecta of games we have this evening. As the Round 1 madness continues, it would appear that most everything is going according to plan (seedwise). Let’s break down tonight’s events shall we? JUMP!

 G2: (6) Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Magic lead by 1 game)

The reign of terror continues for the Magic as Howard lifts the Magic over Toronto to head down to Canada 2 and 0.


 G2: (7) Dallas Mavericks @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (Hornets lead by 1 game) 

Are the Mavs going to become the next Rockets (can’t make it to the second round?) Survey saaaaaaays. Yes! Hornets by 5.


 G2: (6) Phoenix Suns @ (3) San Antonio Spurs (Spurs lead by 1 game) 

Phoenix is going to bounce back hard from Saturday’s epic double overtime battle and steal this one in the Spurs’ house.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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