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OPEN THREAD: Day 5 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Whatever you do, don't play horse against this guy. In fact, some playoff team should bring this guy out during halftime for entertainment.


So far these playoffs have been very entertaining. That Spurs-Suns series is just a ton of fun to watch. Watching Chris Paul absolutely dominate Jason Kidd and the Mavs has been one of the many highlights. And lastly, the t-shirt giveaway in Orlando yesterday with one half of the arena in blue and the other in white, was one of the more creative things done by an NBA franchise for its fans.

Hit the jump for the matchups.

 G2: (7) Philadelphia 76ers @ (2) Detroit Pistons (76ers lead 1-0)

Game 1 was Upset City with Philly pulling one out in Detroit. But the Pistons come out to play for real tonight and win by double digits.


 G2: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Celtics lead 1-0)

Anyone think this series goes more than 4 games? KG has the Celts on a mission.


 G2: (8) Denver Nuggets @ (1) Los Angeles Lakers (Lakers lead 1-0)

Much like the other 1-8 matchup, this series isn't going to be much of a contest. Tonight in LA, Pau's team takes care of business in a double digit victory.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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