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Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay is BOOMing!

Q: What's the next best thing to watching Baron Davis blow up the spot and throw up that W in the playoffs at the Roaracle?

A: Checking out Boom Dizzle's interview with John Cho aka Harold over on BD's blog Setting the Screen!

Opening Night is Tonight!
[Official Harold and Kumar 2 site ]

John was actually reppin' the Dubs at a Warriors game just a month ago. Jump for a preview of the most highly anticipated movie event of the spring!

More videos: Harold and Kumar's YouTube Channel

You know, we in the NBA are going to be looking forward this movie coming out … April 25th. Everybody go see it. This is This is Baron Davis. This is John Cho. We’re doin’ it live from San Francisco, not Guantanamo Bay, but he will be there April 25th.

So will we Baron. So will we.

Go H to the K crazy in the comments, but no spoilers please!

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