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OPEN THREAD: Day 7 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs


He scored more than 1 point in the 4th! Hurray!


I wouldn't say TMac "took over" in the 4th yesterday but he did have one nice little burst of good play as he hit 2 jumpers, 3 free throws, had a key block and rebound. Outside of that 3 minute span it was the same 'ol do nothing Tmac. Here's the thing. As he was struggling to get a good shot off in the 4th, I was wondering why they don't run him off a bunch of screens and then pass him the ball. Make AK-47 fight through screens to guard him rather than on just a pass. Then what do the Rockets do? They run him off a bunch of screens and he goes for that little spurt. Then what do the Rockets do with under a minute to go? They stop running him off screens prior to getting the ball and he doesn't score again. Note to Adelman, make AK-47 work on defense before and during the time TMac has the ball.

I could write about the other 2 games, but I really don't care about those 2 blowouts.

Hit the jump for my hero and tonight's matchups.



Karl Landry is my hero. What a big block on DWill!


 G3: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (7) Philadelphia 76ers (series tied 1-1)

In game 2, the Pistons remembered that they're supposed to win this series easily so they started by blowing out the 76ers. I would expect the Pistons to melt down once again, but not tonight.


 G3: (2) New Orleans Hornets @ (7) Dallas Mavericks (Hornets lead 2-0)

Big bounce back game is needed for Dallas. If they lose this series, A LOT of things come into question about this franchise. WIll Avery be fired? Is Jason Kidd overrated? Is Dirk ever going to recover? But for tonight, give the Mavs this one.


 G3: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (6) Phoenix Suns (Spurs lead 2-0)

The Suns traded for Shaq to specifically beat the Spurs. It's not working out so well yet. This is a must win game for the Suns. I predict a double digit Suns victory. Will the real Leandro Barbosa please stand up?


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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