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OPEN THREAD: Day 8 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Rockets are going to need all the chemistry they can get tonight!

Last Night:

I know my eye sight is getting worse over the years, but are the 76ers really leading the series against the Pistons 2 to 1? Did they really beat them by 20 points last night? I guess so. I was watching the game and I have to tell you I was impressed. Yea the Pistons played with no heart, over confident, and poorly. But being a genuine Pistons hater, I’ll take it.

On the other end, Dallas came around and finally beat the Hornets on their own court. Trailing the series by one game, the Mavs are still going to have to win their next game to stay alive. The Hornets pummeled the Mavs in New Orleans for the first two games so it was nice to see the Mavs make some kind of effort.

And finally, the last game of Friday night had the most exciting series turn into a bust. The Spurs beat the Suns in Phoenix by 16 points. This looks to be a sweep. I have to say, the Spurs are incredible. After watching this series so far, I’m really going to have to rethink who I have going to the finals!

Hit the jump for tonight's matchups.





Who knew how important this guy was?


 G4: (3) Orlando Magic @ (6) Toronto Raptors (magic leads 2-1) – TNT 12pm

 What could be more fun than watching two superstars battle it out in the paint with Howard (no the clean one) and Bosh? This series does not get the attention it deserves!

 G3: (1) LA Lakers @ (8) Denver Nuggets (LA leads 2-0) – TNT 2:30pm

BOOOOO. I never really thought I would be a Nuggets fan. Heading back to Denver, the Lakers look too powerful for the Nuggets, but if there’s any hope, it’s going to come from that rowdy crowd in Denver. Should be a great match.

 G3: (1) Boston Celtics @ (8) Atlanta Hawks (Boston leads 2-0) – ESPN 5pm

Don’t we have the mercy rule in the NBA? I think the Celtics are looking past the next round as well. I’ll be on the beach instead of watching this game.

 G4: (4) Houston Rockets @ (5) Utah Jazz (Jazz leads 2-1) – ESPN 7:30pm

With the Rockets impressive win Thursday night, Yao Ming asked Carl Landry if he would sacrifice 15 more teeth for the good of the team. Let’s hope they can muster some more magic to make this a playoff series.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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