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OPEN THREAD: Day 9 of the NBA 2k8 Playoffs

How did the Hawks pull off a win? Are the Raptors and Sam Mitchell just about done? With THAT much talent and (perceived) swag (on paper), how is George Karl (or his players) not making this even competitive? Is Tracy McGrady forever playoff jinxed for ditching Vince Carter in what might have been for him in Orlando if Grant Hill hadn't gone down with those catastrophic ankle injuries? Despite all the fire and star power on the bestcoast, I mean westcoast, it seems like we're seeing the same teams dominating night in, night out. Will this be re-runs of last season? We'll see...

(G4)Cavaliers @ Wizards (Cavs lead series 2-1):  Lebron is just insane.  As much as I find his game kind of ugly (but not awkward like his opponent Antawn Jamison), Lebron has shown us he'll be able to dominate whenever he wants to, however he wants to.  The supposed DeShawn Stevenson-Lebron James "rivalry" no doubt will add fuel to Lebron's 5-alarm blaze throughout this opening series

(G4)Spurs @ Suns (Spurs lead series 3-0):  The Suns are done, but not today.  Like the Hawks, the Suns will keep it competitive adding another game, which makes the television corporations and David Stern very happy.

(G4)Pistons @ 76ers (76ers lead series 2-1): I imagine the Pistons will bounce back from the last game and finish off the 76ers in 6.  Reggie Evans' game transforms back to what it has been for his whole career ala Cinderella's carriage that transforms back into a pumpkin at midnight. 

(G4)Hornets @ Mavs (Hornets lead series 2-1): As soft as the Mavs are, they have what the Hornets lack.  Weed.  Just kidding.  I'm talking about "experience."  Chris Paul just looked defeated throughout game 3 as they took away his bread and butter move, the alleyoop to the cutting Tyson Chandler.  Mavs take this one.


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