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OPEN THREAD: Day 10 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Here's the other reason I hate LeBron James.  I can't even have my daily dose of Powerade without seeing his face.  Nuts to this man...


Anyway, big props to Delonte West on his game winning three in the last 5 seconds of last night's game against the Wizards.  It looks it'll be yet another year that the Cavs will knock the Wizards out of the playoffs as they took a 3-1 lead in the series.  Peep the highlights!

NBA highlights from April 27th (via NBA)

Make the jump to see my thoughts about today's games!


G5: (6)  Toronto Raptors @ (3) Orlando Magic (Magic Lead 3-1)

How does that All American Rejects song go?  It Ends Tonight?  Yeah that's about right...

 G4: (1) Boston Celtics @ (8) Atlanta Hawks (Celtics Lead 2-1) 

How did the Hawks win a game?  Josh Smith is a fiend!  I highly doubt it's going to happen again, but it was fun while it lasted (all 1 time that is).

G4: (1) LA Lakers @ (8) Denver Nuggets (Lakers Lead 3-0)

How are the Nuggets going to give up at the end of the 3rd quarter?  It's ridiculous!  If the Warriors had that 8th seed, they'd be playing until the very last second!  But whatever - Kobe's bringing out his broom for the sweeping tonight.

Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments

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