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OPEN THREAD: Day 12 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

HIGHLIGHTS: Day 11 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Houston is a little tougher than people thought they would be. I've been dead wrong. I thought they'd just cancel the series after game 3 and not humiliate the Rockets anymore. But the Rockets are showing some life. Dikembe played extremely well last night and was a big key to the victory. I'll be watching Game 6 for sure.

Dallas, what happened? I guess, Chris Paul happened. How interesting that the day after the Hornets wipe out the Mavs, not only does Avery get fired but Byron Scott wins Coach of the Year.

Goodbye Phoenix. Why you traded for Shaq? I am still baffled. You lost your best defensive player. Guess who tore you up this series? Not Manu. The guy that Marion usually guards, Tony Parker. And stop being so cheap, Kurt Thomas would have been a great role player for you. And those first round picks that were traded away to save on cash, you might want to stop trading those away too.

Philly-Detroit? Ehhh I don't really care unless the 76ers get to 3 wins.

Hit the jump for tonight's matchups.


 G5: (5) Washington Wizards @ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers (Cavs lead 3-1)

It's Jay-Z vs Soulja Boy. LeBron vs Deshawn Stevenson. Cavs vs Wizards. Unfortunately for this entertaining back and forth trash talk, the series will be over after tonight. I bet LeBron goes off tonight either with 40 or a triple double.

 G5: (8) Atlanta Hawks @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series tied 2-2)

Wow. I'm still in shock that the Hawks have won 2 games. Wow. Home team wins tonight despite a big game from Josh Smith.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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