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Recap: Warriors 140, Kings 132 - Giving Them The Business.

Now THAT'S what I'm talking about.

Tonight the Warriors came out and looked like the team that we all know that they can be. They faced a situation where they knew what needed to be done against a team that they knew they could do it to, and what did they do?

They gave them the business.

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Okay okay. I'll admit that an 8 point win and giving up 132 points doesn't exactly qualify as "giving the Kings the business". Actually I'm not really sure what does qualify as "giving the business". Before that YouTube clip, I'd never heard that expression before!

What the Warriors did manage to do tonight was to jump out to an early lead and hold onto it for (count `em!) FOUR quarters. We can sit around all night and talk about the deficiencies in our defense that led to the Kings' 132 points, but in the end, we picked their pockets more times and certainly swatted more shots. Holy crap Pietrus.

Now I'm not saying we played good D out there tonight. I'm just saying it was better than theirs.


Things got off to a quick start for us tonight thanks to TMNT himself. Those first few minutes of the game were the Al show and Warriors fans were treated to an entirely different side of his game. The best part about it was it wasn't a couple of lucky jacks. Al used this momentum to fuel his turtle power into an impressive 5 jacks, 7 boards, 3 dimes, and 17 points on the night!

What could possible be better than TMNT having a good night? How about the rest of the Warriors doing the same?! Since there were so many contributors out on the floor tonight for the Dubs, I think it might just be fitting to drop a roll call. Feel free to sing along!

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

His name is Ellis (yea)

With seven dimes (yea)

Add sixteen points (yea)

It was good times! (oooooooh)

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

His name is Beans (yea)

With a double-double (yea)

Seventeen boards (yea)

The Kings got trouble (oooooooooooh)


Like you didn't see the double/trouble rhyme coming...

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

He's called Boom Dizzle (whaaaa)

He stole the show (dyaaammm)

Thirty three points (yea)

And nine dimes mo' (ooooooooooooh)

The seldom used "Karate Kid" offense.

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

It's Captain Jack (yeaaa)

He started slow (yeaaa)

Heated up in the third (yeaaa)

Don't step to his flow (oooooooooooh)

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

They call him Barnes (yeeea)

Didn't do much at all (awwww)

But the Fro-Hawk's back (hell yea)

So he's in the roll call! (oh SNAP!)

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

And MP2 (yea)

Blocking shots like hell (yeaa)

I can confidently say (yeaaa)

His hamstring's well! (oooooooooh!)

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

There's KBLX (yea)

He showed good form (whaaa?)

With a cool nine points (yeaaaa)

He was a Quiet Storm! (ooooooooooh!)

Shabooyah.... Sha Sha Sha- Shabooyah Roll Call

Wow. Kind of hard to get the recap-writing rhythm recap back after such a ripping good roll call (if I do say so myself). Fine, it sucked. Whatever. The point is that all of the Warriors came out to play tonight. And we saw that it was good.

Unfortunately for us, so did the Nuggets. As predicted, Denver mopped the floor with the Clippers leaving us still tied record-wise for the 8th spot in the west and sitting in 9th after all tiebreaker applications. The Warriors will have a lot to think about as they prepare to face the beast on Thursday night in what is...

With absolutely no debate at all...

Seriously this time...


So until then, major props to Kevin Martin, John Salmons and Francisco Garcia for great games and even further props to Sac for beating Denver and losing to us. Seriously though. We gotta get the city of Sac a fruit basket or something. Maybe some nice cheeses and jams? We'll get our secretary on that.

See you next year Kings! Our destiny awaits.


The rim is still shaking from this one.


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