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RECAP: Day 23 of the 2k8 NBA playoffs

“There’s no place like home” -- Dorothy, “Wizard of Oz”

For the Utah Jazz and San Antonio Spurs, they clicked their heels twice and were transported back to their winning ways.  After looking square in the Lakers’ triangle offense, the Jazz rocked the Lakers to their own rhythm (though I would say there’s as much Jazz in Utah as there is championship banners up in the Oracle).  The Spurs’ “veteran presence” came to their rescue.  Just when we thought Manu Ginobili’s career was going down, he continues to surprise us with that awkward game.  And does anyone thinks it coincidental that his bald spot has stopped expanding, too?  For reals, if the Spurs and Jazz go to the Western Conference finals, the next NBA event I’m watching this Spring/Summer is the draft (or maybe the Warrior girl tryout). No joke. 

It’s surprising that none of these teams have been able handle others on the road.  Are these teams that evenly matched?  Or are they not really dominate teams?  Maybe Hugo, the Hornets Mascot, needs to pull off some more game-delaying stunts to get the Spurs off their game? 

So as not to sadden you with last night’s horrific “lowlights,” I give you the previous night's “highlights” instead!

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