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OPEN THREAD: Day 24 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Hey, Celtics, do you think you guys can win a game on the road?  After going a league-best 31-10 in the regular season, these guys can't seem to find it in 'em to pull it off away from the lovely city of Boston.

But how come?  You would think Garnett, Allen, and Pierce wouldn't choke during the playoffs, but they all forgot to show up to a few games.  Interesting how the "Big 3" becomes the "Big 2" when it's go time...

Is tonight going to be any different?



G2: (1)  Boston Celtics @ (4) Cleveland Cavaliers (Celtics Lead 2-1)

Nope.  I'm looking for my favorite player Bron Bron to go off once with 20 points at 10 assists.  Even better - our good buddy Joe Smith gets a double-double.  Man, I love Joe Smith...


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