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OPEN THREAD: Day 28 of the NBA2k8 Playoffs

20-1 is the current record of teams playing at home during these playoffs.

With that said, can we expect the Hornets to finish off the Spurs in game 7? 

If that's so, should we just call a Vegas casino and bet the house that the Lakers and the Celtics will lose tonight but take it in game 7?

Read more for my betting insights...!

(G6) Lakers at Jazz (Lakers lead series 3-2): Mehmet Okur is a beast (at home) and Deron Williams is the new John Stockton but with more deliberate attitude and scoring punch.   Kobe and his Lakers won't get the calls they were getting and without him at 100%; forcing Lamar Odom to be #2 on this team will only make him crumble under the weight of the responsibility.  Jazz win easily.

(G6) Celtics at Cavaliers (Celtics lead series 3-2): In the last game, the Cavs probably got the closest any away team has gotten in potentially beating their opponent in this season's conference semifinal series.  My guess is that the Celtics will remain in a funk and Lebron will be dunking all over Kevin Garnett.  Momma James puts on a Jersey and mans the paint since Ben Wallace can no longer do it. Cavaliers win!

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