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RECAP: Day 29 of NBA 2k8 Playoffs

Today's game featured two teams assembled so differently yet quite similarly at the same time.

The Boston "Three-Party" succeeded in beating the reigning Eastern Conference champion, King James and his minions.  For you Celtics fans, "Today was a good day."


Both of these teams are built for the present, but one is just built better in my opinion.  Boston bet the house and with a lot of 'luck" now has three superstars in their prime (or slightly dipping past their prime based on whoever you ask).  But they managed to bring in the right personnel without the egos and insecurities over shooting opportunities.

The Cavs on the otherhand are wasting away Lebron's youth and the limited time they might have with him given his penchant (and Larry Hughes too) for wearing NY Yankee baseball caps.  Since Lebron stepped into the scene, the Cavs organization has worked hard to ensure that he has the right influences and also players to complement his style of play.  From the forced removal of Darius Miles to the owner's over/spending big chips to grab supporting cast members or players past their prime masquerading (and getting paid as) all-star starters, the Cavs have struggled to find a formula.  Or maybe their formula is to hastily grab the best player available as soon as they are available on the trading block in order to appease Lebron.

Lebron leaving the Cavs isn't imminent, but their time is like the Celtics as Garnett missed the most games from injury than he's ever seen his whole career just as he signed an extension.  But the Celtics, though sputtering for much of this playoffs, have strategically built a bench that works for the type of star power they have.  Grabbing veteran players like PJ Brown who's 18 footer with 1.40 left in the 4th put the nail in the coffin is emblematic of the very few positives in Danny Ainge's otherwise messy GMing career.  James Posey has hit some big shots and both Leon Powe and Kendrick Perkins have thrived playing alongside KG, being important contributors throughout the season and playoffs. 

At any rate, I expect to see Lebron and the Cavs in a similar place next season with a similar odd assortment of decent but not great players alongside him.  With this win, I see the Celtics going straight through to the finals.  Celtics vs. Lakers.  It'll be 1986 all over again!



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