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OPEN THREAD: Day 30 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Everyone loves a good old fashioned Game 7, right?

Is this going to be the first time that in their franchise history that the Hornets make it to  the Conference Finals? 

Two first year all-stars  (one of which shouldn't have been...but whatever),  56 wins, 2nd seed in the Western Conference = magical season.

But, the Spurs don't seem to want to give up... Nba-2k8-20070906063000778_640w_medium




G7:  (3)  San Antonio Spurs @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (Series Tied 3-3)

CP3 IS THE MAN!   I got my faith in the Hornets to save us from having to watch the Spurs any further in the playoffs.  Besides, Kobe vs. CP3?  How dope would that be?

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