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OPEN THREAD: 2008 NBA Draft Lottery @ 4:30pm

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Update (5:22pm): Warriors stay at #14


The drama. The suspense. As Warrior fans this is OUR playoffs.


Like we always do about this time!


Jump like a lotto ball!

The hoops world order has been restored and Mr. Cohan's Golden State Warriors are back where they belong- in the lottery with the rest of the losers. (You can tell I'm not all that happy about being here.)

What we need this late afternoon my golden friends is a miracle. If you hear the Warriors name announced first and see the camera pan to Mitch Richmond for a beautfiul smile, then you'll know the miracle didn't happen and the Dubs will be picking 14th overall in the 2008 NBA Draft.

It's the rock!

But if you hear another team called out and see a not-so-happy facial expression from some other team's representative, then you'll know a miracle did indeed happen. Here's the odds of that miracle happening for Dub Nation:

  • #1 Pick: 0.50%
  • #2 Pick: 0.59%
  • #3 Pick: 0.72%
Pray to the hoops gods all day today. Miracles can happen. Hey, who would've thought last year's We Believe season would have ever gone down? Not in a million-- exactly what we need right now.

Anyhow here are the rest of the losers with the biggest losers ranked first and their chances for some long weeks of fun "Beasley or Rose?" debate in parenthesis:
  1. Miami Cold (25.0%)
  2. S.O.S. (19.9%)
  3. Minnesota Timberkittens (13.8%)
  4. Memphis Teddy Bears (13.7%)
  5. New York Bricks (7.6%)
  6. LA Revenue Sharers (7.5%)
  7. Milwaukee Hi5's-2-No-1's (4.3%)
  8. Charlotte BETcats (2.8%)
  9. Chicago Non-Bull Market (1.7%)
  10. New Jersey J.E.T.S (just end the season) (1.1%)
  11. Indiana Posers (0.8%)
  12. Sacramento Dethroned (0.7%)
  13. Portland Hail Blazers (0.6%)
  14. Golden State Regulars (0.5%)

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