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OPEN THREAD: Day 31 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

This is it. Down to four teams for the battle for NBA Glory.


Despite the twists and turns that occurred within many of the Playoff series in ’08, the East has panned out… well, right about on the nail. Detroit, facing it’s 6th straight Eastern Conference Championship series versus the mighty Boston Celtics who, amazingly enough, have squeaked by both the first and second round to earn their place in this series.

Seed One versus Seed Two. Whoda thunk it?!

The good news? There’s still a very good shot at a Lakers/Celtics Championship series. That’s old school baby. Old school. JUMP!!!

 G5: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series tied 0-0)

Well if history has taught us anything, the Celtics better shut down Detroit over the next two games in Bean town, because they sure as hell can’t close a deal outside of their own house!

But make no mistake; this is going to be Boston’s greatest challenge yet. Detroit seems to be the only team that has been able to (relatively) dispatch of their opponents in a timely fashion. They have been the dominant team this post-season and are more than capable of bringing the Green Bandwagon to a screeching halt.

Add to the fact that Boston just finished its series on Sunday while Detroit has been sipping pink lemonade with pineapple chunks for a few extra days and you’ve got the makings for a very tough series.

Go on KG. Go on and get your ring.

Boston by 5.



Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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