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OPEN THREAD: Day 34 of the NBA 2k8 Playoffs

The Lakers need to win. 

At home, the referees seemed to believe this, too.

Up by 4 with about 1.20 left, Tim Duncan grabbed a rebound which Lamar Odom, from behind, hacked Duncan rather hard across his shoulder swooping all the way down to his elbow.  As a result, the ball bounced off Duncan's hand and the referee's called it as a clean play thus allowing the Lakers to retain possession.

Clearly a foul, home court advantage works in mysterious ways.  We can almost guarantee that it will happen again today.  Or will it? 


(G2) Spurs at Lakers (Lakers lead series 1-0): Ginobili is hurting, but they are a crafty team with an aging bench that steps it up when asked.  They're like the NBA version of the Rock the Bells rap tour, but without necessarily the "star" power.  Meaning?  Semi-studs that can still rock it.  I imagine it will be close again.. or closer.  Bowen will somehow find himself in the middle of a fray where his arm or leg "accidentally" connects with a face or crotch of his opponent.  Spurs Coach Popovich figures out how to grind out a win in the City of Angels, which leads me to believe he's got cameras set up like Matt Walsh.  Spygate 2008?

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