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OPEN THREAD: Day 37 of the NBA 2k8 Playoffs

Uh-oh. Are we being fooled again?

Can anyone please stop the San Antonio Snores?

Make a playoff jump...

Actually KG and Timmeh in the 2008 NBA Finals might not be so bad!


G4: Boston Celtics @ Detroit Pistons (Celtics lead 2-1)

Charles Barkley always says a playoff series doesn't start till one team wins on the other team's home court. Well this most likely 7 game series started emphatically back in Game 1 with the Pistons stealing Game 1 in Boston. This could be a classic playoff showdown when it's all said and done.

Both Eastern Conference powers have won on each other's court as the Celtics took Game 3 in Detroit. In the process the Celtics and Pistons have made my little "protecting the home floor in the playoffs is predictable, but fun" lines  pretty much useless for this series.


The home dominance in this year's playoffs is pretty impressive. I'd go so far to say that even though it's a little predictable it's just great for the league. The home fans go home happy and the regular season actually means something. In case you didn't believe it before, all 82 games really do count. Just ask the historic 2006-2007 Golden State Warriors.

Um yeah, well at least it seems to still apply to the Wild Wild West. 

I'm going with the Celtics tonight for no other reason than I want to see this go the distance and heading back to Boston 2-2 should help further that goal.

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