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OPEN THREAD: Day 39 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

I know how much everyone loves seeing the Lakers celebrate

The Champs are on the ropes! Manu Ginobili where have you been? 1 good game and 3 stinkers. I'll throw this series on his shoulders. His play is the reason the Spurs are down 1-3. Had he given them anything at all yesterday, the Spurs go back to LA tied 2-2. Now they face elimination with a tough game in LA.


G5: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series Tied 2-2)
5:30pm, ESPN

Win one, lose one. Win one, lose one. If this pattern keeps up it will benefit the Celtics. Detroit going to have to figure out how to win 2 in a row - and one of those wins will have to be in Boston.

For those of you who are actually watching the series, has it been boring to you? I find myself uninterested in watching the games, I just want to know who wins. I find the games unwatchable because of the way the two teams play. It's plodding, slow, and ugly. For instance, Rajon Rondo has soooo many open jumpers from 15 feet and out because Detroit gives him the shot. Shoot the ball! It's irritating that he can't make or rather, won't take an open shot. It's one thing to pass up open shots to get other players involved and there's what Rondo is, no confidence to knock down that jumper.

Tell me, who on the Celtics do you enjoy watching? I only want to watch Kevin Garnett. Ray Allen? Noooo, he's been bad. Paul Pierce? He's been playing better but this ain't The Truth, this is a complementary player with a big name.

Now on Detroit, who do you want to watch? Chauncey? He's still injured and not really exciting. Rip? I don't enjoy watching a guy run around 23 screens to get an open shot. Tayshaun? Glimpses of entertainment, but has an ugly game. And don't say Maxiell or Stuckey because nobody watches the Pistons because of them. That leaves us with Rasheed. He's fun to watch partly because of the explodability factor. You never know when he's going to explode in stats and at the refs.

So, I won't be watching this game, only the 4th quarter, if it's close.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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