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OPEN THREAD: Day 16 of the NBA 2k8 Playoffs

Last night gave us hope that this might be the end of the Snores er.. Spurs dynasty.  Sorry Reggie, but David West is NOT Antawn Jamison.  But Chris Paul is Isiah Thomas (as a player not GM) for the 21st century.  The Detroit Pistons have prevailed  once again; J.J. Reddick must have been excited because he actually got off the bench in the blow out. 

But what about today?  Read on for Fuzzylogic's predictions...

(G7) Hawks at Celtics (Series tied 3-3):  The Hawks have exceeded expectations and have the potential to dethrone the Warriors as the biggest upsetters of round 1 playoff history.  Too bad they won't given their inability to play defense on the road.  Celtics win but Garnett continues to look damaged when it counts.

(G1) Jazz at Lakers (Series 0-0): The Lakers have never looked this good.  Their offense runs smoothly like a well oiled hinge on a door.  The Jazz are tough, but Gasol has made the Lakers nearly indestructible. Kobe and Gasol the premier one-two punch for the next 5 years?  Bynum who?  Derek Fisher gets his revenge against his former team and their loserish fans. Lakers take game 1.

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