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Golden State of Mind... GTA style!


It seems like forever since I've posted anything new on GSoM and I apologize for that. One thing I'm happy to share with the world is that I've been on a diet for 9 weeks now and have dropped 21 pounds. I've been spending a lot of my drawing time on working out (2 hours a day), cooking healthy food and just staying active. I've given up a lot for this new lifestyle and it's made me a better person! On with the added fun stuff...

Since Friday the only thing I've accomplished is over 15 hours of Grand Theft Auto 4 on my Xbox 360. This game is absolutely addicting and is a joy to play. I decided to flip the script once again and spoof up our version of GTA 4 with a Golden State of Mind feel. I used a number of my favorite drawings and added it into GTA backdrops depicting the game, but with a Bay Area feel to it. I'm sure a number of players in the NBA, let alone Golden State, are having a blast with this game. (It's super violent, so parents cautioned.) Check it out!

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