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OPEN THREAD: Day 17 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

I'm all for We Believe - East Coast Edition...but come on Atlanta, you have to finish what you started!!!

10 points in the 2nd quarter?  Sigh...

Hey, but at least Paul Pierce looks happy...or something....



Mad props to Atlanta for putting up a fight and for putting up a We Believe shirt in their locker room!

On to the 2nd round!


G2: (3)  Orlando Magic @ (2) Detroit Pistons (Pistons Lead 1-0)

This was going be a pretty boring series overall with a bunch of mundane questions of whether the Pistons would be consistent and whether Dwight and Co. would step up to the challenge against this experienced Pistons team.   After the Magic got  destroyed last game, I'm pretty much done watching this one.  Even that psuedo-fight between Lewis and Ratliff won't get me in this one....Goooo Pistons!

 G2: (3) San Antonio Spurs @ (2) New Orleans Hornets (Hornets Lead 1-0) 

Have the Spurs met their match?  The Hornets did an amazing job containing Duncan with their double team.  I was a big proponent of having BD on the cover of 2k8 this year, but after CP3's performance...that man deserves it.  Does this mean that there's a NBA 2K blessing in the making?  NO to the Finals!


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments

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