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OPEN THREAD: Day 18 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

While three of the four matchups in the second round are already underway, there remains a lone 7 game series that has yet to begin. And this series is arguably going to be the most entertaining of them all. (I know… we’ve said that about pretty much every matchup this postseason.)

But who can resist the powerhouse that is the Celtics versus the powerhouse that is LeBron? (I think he has some other guys playing with him as well…) Did Atlanta expose some serious chinks in Boston’s armor that the Cavs will be looking to exploit? Will the Celtics get over their inability to win outside of their house?

It’s all starting tonight. Witness for yourself.





 G1: (4) Cleveland Cavaliers @ (1) Boston Celtics (Series tied 0-0)


This can be resolved with a simple mathematical hypothesis.

(KG + RayRay + Paulie)Home Court > LeBron


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