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OPEN THREAD: Day 19 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs



LeBron James nearly had a quadruple double!
12 points
9 rebounds
9 assists
10 turnovers...


76-72. That was the final score. Are you serious? Ray Allen scores 0 points? LeBron James and Paul Pierce make 2 field goals each? How did these two teams even score in the 70's? I didn't see the game, but I hear Habitat for Humanity is able to build a new home with all of those bricks. Sheesh. Add in the 38 combined turnovers and I'm glad I didn't watch it. That's not "playoff basketball", heck that's not even basketball. How can so many great players stink up a playoff game?

Anyways, hit the jump for tonight's matchups.

Tonight, superheroes will make an appearance.


 G3: (2) Detroit Pistons @ (3) Orlando Magic (Pistons lead 2-0)
5pm, TNT


Orlando will need Superman tonight!

Will Superman come out or will Detroit bring back the kryptonite they used at home? Or maybe Detroit can just bring along the game clock and scorekeeper they used. I expect Orlando to take this one with a big game from Superman.


G6: (4) Utah Jazz @ (1) Los Angeles Lakers (Lakerslead 1-0)
7:30pm, TNT

The Lakers have a couple superheroes in the building already.




They'll just need their newly-crowned MVP to continue to lead this team to victory. Which I'm sure he'll do.


Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.

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