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OPEN THREAD: Day 21 of the 2k8 NBA Playoffs

Thank god Boston came back into some kind of form. Not particularly because I want them to win, but more so because I couldn’t take another garbage game like Game 1 of the series. I was pretty much thrilled to see either of the two teams score some points.


In the meanwhile, San Antonio seems to have woken up at home and grabbed a game in a series that was (and hopefully continues to be) controlled by the Hornets.

Lakers – New Orleans Western Conference Finals anyone?


Yes please. JUMP!

G1: (1) Los Angeles Lakers @ (4) Utah Jazz (Lakers lead 2-0)

I’m not even sure that home court advantage can help Utah out here. Is there a way that both Utah and L.A. can lose this series? There’s gotta be something in the rulebook…

In the event that there is no such chance, I gotta go with my boy Atma and pull for the exciting option. A Jazz/San Antonio 7 game series just might be enough to put Lunesta out of business.

Post your Golden Picks and any playoff game thoughts in the comments.