Offseason Gameplan

I truly believe that the Warriors can transform themselves into a perennial playoff team if they're willing to pay luxury tax for just this season (Adonal Foyle's huge contract comes off the books next season).  Here's how we can do it.

Here's how our roster looks right now (I'm assuming Perovic and the Warriors mutually agree to cut ties so Perovic can go back home and play):


1. PG Baron Davis (he's not going to opt out)

2.  PF/C Al Harrington

3. SF Stephen Jackson

4. F Brandan Wright

5. G Marco Belinelli

Salary: $47.3m, Cap: ~$58m, Lux: ~$69m


Now I'm not 100% sure on this, but I'm hoping we can draft our players but not sign them until the free agency period starts.  When free agency starts on July 1st, we have around $11m to play with.  Here are some potential free agents we could go after: Marion, Artest, Deng, Nocioni.  Personally I think we need Marion's defense and rebounding at the PF position.  I hope he'd settle for a 5 year / $65m contract.  We could backload it so the salaries would look like 11/12/13/14/15.  So then we'd have:

6. F Shawn Marion

Salary: $58m, Cap: $58m, Lux: $69m

Next we take care of Biedrins and Monta.  I think contracts of 5years/$40m are reasonable.  Also these will be backloaded so the first year will start at $6m.

7. G Monta Ellis

8. PF/C Andris Biedrins

Salary: $70m, Lux: $69m

Then we sign our draft picks.  #14 will cost us about $1m in his first year, #49 will cost $0.5mil.  I'm going to say CDR and Will Daniels just for the hell of it.

9. Chris Douglas Roberts

10. Will Daniels

Salary: $71.5m, Lux: $69m

We still have our full $6m MLE and $2m BAE to use.  I think we should try to sign a solid backup like Chris Duhon, Bonzi Wells, or Antoine Wright for maybe half our MLE.

11. Chris Duhon

Salary: $74m, Lux: $69m

Then we sign a veteran or two for the minimum.  Austin Croshere can come back and maybe we can find an undrafted gem and bring him up through the summer league.  Or we can just get CJ Watson back.

12. Austin Croshere

13. CJ Watson

Salary: $75m, Lux: $69m


We have a 13-man roster of:

PG Baron Davis / Chris Duhon / CJ Watson

SG Monta Ellis / Marco Belinelli / Chris Douglas Roberts

SF Stephen Jackson / Brandan Wright / Will Daniels

PF Shawn Marion / Austin Croshere

C Andris Biedrins / Al Harrington


Chances are that Watson, CDR, and Daniels won't even crack the rotation.  But a 10 man rotation is way better than the 7-man rotation Nellie was going with this season.  This is a strong roster that can make some noise (it's like this season's roster + defense + rebounding + backup PG).  Unfortunately, the Warriors would be $6m deep into the luxury tax for only this season.  Then Adonal Foyle's contract comes off the books, and Baron's contract expires, and we're in the clear again financially.  The Warriors front office needs to recognize that one year of paying the luxury tax can result in a perennial monster for years to come if they play their cards right.

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