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Q/A: Aran Smith of - Science on the NBA Draft

As the 2008 Draft approaches tomorrow, GSOM friend Aran Smith from has popped in to drop a few nuggets of science on our current roster, our potential picks, and the general perception of the available talent as a whole.



Check him out and share your thoughts on what could be a day that can change the face of the Warriors as we know it! JUMP!


GSOM: The Warriors 2 first round picks from last year barely played this past season and have a lot of question marks. How do Brandan Wright and Marco Belinelli rate in comparison to this year's draft class? Where do you think they would be picked? Should the Warriors hold onto Wright and Belinelli or look to trade them before they become less of an unknown?


Aran Smith: Wow interesting question. I'm going to assume you mean they are coming into this draft as exactly the same players that they were going into last years...  I think they would probably end up going about where they went last year. Wright would likely go about 8th before or after Joe Alexander. Belinelli would probably go right around where he

did as well (18) or else a little lower. While I'd say this draft has a little more depth overall, it does have a little less quality at the top.


I would hold onto Wright and Belinelli. I think neither have the perceived value equal to their actual value, so I wouldn't move either one. Plus I still really like both players a lot. Nellie doesn't play rookies....



GSOM: Who do you think the Warriors should take with the #14 pick? What do you see the Warriors actually doing with this pick if you think that's different? How much of a contributor will this player be for the Dubs in Year 1?


Aran Smith: Personally the two guys I really like are both dropping due to physical concerns (Batum and Arthur). I would love to see the Warriors grab one of these two. Otherwise I wouldn't mind a center such as Koufos, Jordan or McGee, although maybe it's two high for the latter two. There's going to be some guys taken around or after where the Warriors select that turn into studs down the road...



GSOM: Really? Okay you make the call right here on GSoM.  We're looking for your opinion on two things.


The Sleeper – (n) [slee-per]

1)      A person or thing that sleeps.

2)      A player that drops farther than he should in the draft and makes a lot of GMs look foolish for passing him up a few years from now.


The Bust – (n) [buhst]

1)      A sculptured, painted, drawn, or engraved representation of the upper part of the human figure, esp. a portrait sculpture showing only the head and shoulders of the subject.

2)      Adam Morrison. Kwame Brown. You get the point.



Aran Smith:

Sleeper: I love Kyle Weaver, but it sounds like teams are realizing

his abilities and he will end up in the 30s.


Bust: I can't understand why Kevin Love is so highly rated. To me all

of his great skills will be neutralized due to his lack of speed and

athleticism. Top 5 really? What am I missing here??



Special thanks to Aran Smith for taking some time to talk to us about the much anticipated draft tomorrow! And until the picks are in, remember…


Lucky Number 14… Lucky Number 14… Lucky Number 14…

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