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NBA DRAFT 2008: Warriors take Anthony Randolph at #14

GSOM welcomes ANTHONY RANDOLPH to the Golden State Warriors!


Randolph has a penchant for teabaggin' big men who think they can stop him! The Warriors loaded up with an extremely offensively skilled big man who many sports writers thought was going to be a mid-lottery pick.  I, dj fuzzylogic, am 'ok' with this pick and think they got the best player available -- skill-wise.  Though the Warriors need much help on the boards and on defense, I'm pleased that they picked up a guy that can at least create his own shot and has the level of ball handling skills and mid range game for a guy his size.  He also looks like he might be able to create some mismatches at the wing spots.  More thoughts to come...

[Note by dj fuzzylogic, 06/26/08 10:12 PM EDT ] To get up close and personnel with Anthony Randolph, check out his site HERE.

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