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Hip-Hop with a touch of "W"


We're back at it one more time on the Photoshop tip and right where I left off with last week's Native Dubz post. It's summer time and I'm seriously on chill mode- that also goes for some of my projects. Since I don't have to work on high res prints for game signs, I'm taking a time out and rocking out with Photoshop CS3 and using smaller resolution files. This week I'm collecting a number of past Hip-Hop favorites and sprinkling a touch of Golden State into it...

A brief breakdown after the jump!


This is one concept I've wanted to do for a while... So many heads referenced Patrick O'Bryant to Biggie Smalls due to the name similarities (but never lived up to any hype of course!) Let's take it a step above and get this guy ready to believe! Whether or not he's gonna show up next season, it's always a pleasure to poke fun at him!


This was actually a good Idea from a friend wanting to see an EPMD throwback using a Warriors theme. I actually love EPMD's use of colors within the logo and title so I flipped it and had BD and Stack Jack hold it down. Classic material for some classic players!


With everyone talking about how much to pay Monta and BD I thought a shout out to Eric B. and Rakim's "Paid in Full" would do the trick! At the end of the day, I'm sure it's gonna happen!


A personal favorite flipped. Raekwon's "Only built for Cuban Links" featuring Al and Stephen on the cut! Thank goodness I had the font for Harriongton's name used in Rae's debut album. The concept is just too funny... yes! Al's head is on fire like his 3's when he's hot!