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OPEN THREAD: Trade Exception Expires Today

The Trade Exception expired today. It's been a year since the Warriors traded JRich for BWright and 9.9million. It's been a year that we've all learned what and how to use the exception. It's been a year of reading about proposed trades, some worthy of blog space, many not. Hopefully we can now only read ridiculous trade proposals that no longer include the exception and someone commenting "the trade exception cannot be combined blah blah blah".

The Warriors can use some of it, all of it, or most likely none of it. Today the trade exception will see its death. So for one last time, feel free to post any ridiculous trades in the comments. Here's mine:

9.9million TE + Monta for LeBron and Ben Wallace. Dubs do it because we get LeBron! I hate to see Monta go because I'm sure he'll be almost as good as LeBron. Cleveland does it because they get rid of Ben Wallace's contract and Monta is going to be amazing, an All-Star for many years. I don't know if it actually works salary wise because I'm too lazy to check it in the trade machine.

Welcome to the end of the trade exception and ridiculous trade proposals involving it. But there will not be an end to ridicluous trade proposals.

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