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Baron Davis (shockingly) Opts Out

I honestly didn't see this one coming at all. I can't believe this is happening. His Boomness Baron Davis has opted out of his contract. What in the name of is going on?


This ain't a vivrant thang.

Jump for a few quick thoughts.

  • For some reason much of the local media and even some delusional fans are suspiciously looking to run Baron Davis out of town. GSoM is tight with many of these good people, but seriously what the Dizzle is their problem? I'm honestly sick of hearing people saying things like it's time to let BD go so that Monta can play the 1. After a decade of serious suckitude the Warriors finally get an elite player with uncanny court vision and handles and people want to run him out of town in favor of an undersized 2-guard who can't defend Jud Buechler (right now)? But I guess you can't expect much when many of these same people still think they're "saving money" with the Warriors' silly and cheap Jason Richardson trade last offseason.
  • Take away Baron Davis and Chris Mullin and Robert Rowell are quite possibly fielding the worst team in the league. Not even Nellie can save them like he has the past 2 years.
  • I don't know exactly what Mullin, Rowell, and Chris Cohan aka "the worst owner in all of sports" said to BD the past few months, but they really must have pissed him off.
  • I could be proven completely wrong when it's all said and done, but it doesn't seem like Baron's agent is giving his client good advice at all. Leaving $17.8 million of guaranteed money on the table in this day and age of NBA caponomics doesn't seem smart at all. This ain't your parent's board game of RISK.
  • The time's ticking on the $10 million trade exception... Assuming Cohan and crew don't use the trade exception, the J-Rich trade was simply made so that he could trim the payroll and avoid the luxury tax a little bit more carefully. The trade wasn't made to simply re-sign the Warriors talented, but deeply flawed and wildly overrated young talents Monta Ellis (most insiders will tell you the Warriors spent the early part of this past season trying to package Monta with Al Harrington for a big man) and Andris Biedrins (yes, that same guy Nellie doesn't trust to play big minutes). It was made to save some dough. Plain and simple. It wasn't a basketball decision.
  • Minus Baron Davis and an unlikely major trade or free agent signing the 2008-2009 Golden State Warriors are going to be... "UNWATCHABLE BABY!"
What are your summer predictions for Cohan's 1 for 14 Golden State Warriors?

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