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OPEN THREAD: 2008 NBA Finals Game 1

Both of these franchises are responsible for the league's renaisance in the 80's. Both of the teams are star-studded. Both of these teams are the benefactors of some questionable trades. Both of teams are making Commissioner David Stern very, very happy. Both of the teams are 100x better than the 2007-2008 Golden State Warriors. Both of the teams are about to put on one hell of a show.


We're going NES on it!

Jump like you're trying to do the impossible- block a Kareem sky hook!

Finals Linkfest:

When in doubt go with the home squad. I'm going with the Boston Collusion tonight. Look for big games from KG and Jesus Shuttleworth in particular. Garnett is just too fly for the Spanish Fly and Ray-Ray is a Laker-killer (always wanted to say someone was a Laker-killer instead of a Warrior-killer). Look for the overhyped Derek Fisher to make some huge mental mistake in the 4th quarter as always.

As for the series I'm thinking Celtics in 7. This is gonna be a good one!

All I can say is thank god the San Antonio Snores are at home napping right now.

Post your golden finals pick and live game thoughts in the comments.

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