Rumor: Warriors Trying to Fulfill The Yi Movement [ESPN]


"Look for the Golden State Warriors to pursue Milwaukee Bucks forward Yi Jianlian strongly in the coming weeks. During last year's draft, the Warriors agreed to trade Jason Richardson to the Charlotte Bobcats for the No. 8 pick, with the hope that Yi would fall to the Bobcats at that spot. The team was shocked that the Bucks, for whom Yi refused to work out, took him at No. 6. The Bobcats took Brandan Wright and traded him to Golden State. While Wright played well for the Warriors toward the end of the season, they still covet Yi, according to sources. If the Warriors were to offer Wright and the No. 14 pick for Yi, that might be too much for the Bucks to pass on. The team is in rebuilding mode and might be ready to accept a two-for-one deal." -- Chad Ford ========================================= The Yi Movement will not die! I knew something was fishy last draft day when the Warriors didn't deliver who GSoMers wanted unlike (and unfortunately) in 2006 and 2007. + GSoM search for The Yi Movemet (Thanks to markdavisbodyslam for posting the FanShot)