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Au Revoir, Mickael

We all knew the ending was going to come, it was just a matter of when and with whom. Mickael Pietrus is no longer a Warrior, he is a Magic. I don't know why, but "he is a magic" just cracks me up. Maybe it's because I imagine my Chinese grandma saying it. But I digress. Mickael Pietrus aka MP2 aka LL Cool P aka Air France is gone. All that athleticism is gone. All of his man defense is gone. All of his 3pt shooting is gone.

In Pietrus, 26, Orlando sees a lockdown defender and proven scorer. He averaged a career-best 11 points and started half the season for the Warriors in 2006-07 but fell out of Golden State coach Don Nelson's rotation last season. He is also a career 35 percent 3-point shooter, important to the trigger-happy Magic.

Someone tell the Magic to make their sideline and baseline colors neon green so that Pietrus can see them better because he'll be accidentally stepping on them. Or maybe they should give him an eye exam. And I am still hoping that he will more often pass up that 3 and take it strong to the hole. But that's in the past, so let's remember Mickael for all the good things after the jump...

Pietrus was one of the more entertaining Warriors. Not because he was exceptionally good at basketball but because he seemed to have this innocence, or is it ignorance, about him that makes it fun to watch him play. Oh and his interviews were always interesting even if I couldn't understand half of what he was saying.

Nevertheless, enjoy the MP2 videos:





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