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OPEN THREAD: Vegas Game 1 - Warriors vs 76ers

UPDATE: Watch the game via the web


MVP baby!

Just a few days ago it was Warriors vs 76ers in the pursuit of Elton Brand. Now it's just a plain 'ol Summer League game in Sin City. This is time for Marco to shine again. He used the NBA regular season as his preparation for this year's summer league. I hear he feels he got robbed by Nate Robinson for MVP last year so he's looking to take that title.

As we all know, Summer League don't mean squat. But whatever, it's still fun to get excited about Marco scoring 37, Brandan Wright going double double style, Randolph showing off the goods, and CJ Watson dropping double digit dimes. Well as I'm writing this, holy crap, Anthony Randolph has 10 points and 3 boards in 17 minutes. I smell Rookie of the Year.


Leave your comments and thoughts in the thread.


Apparently, you can watch online but folks are having trouble. See the fan post, Who is trying to watch GSW Summer League online?

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