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OPEN THREAD: Vegas Game 4 - Warriors vs Kings

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Warriors (3-0) vs Kings (2-1)
Game Time: 7:00p

Game 4 of the summer league kicks off tonight against the Kings. Rookie Anthony Randolph should be back in the game after missing the last game with a sprained ankle. Marco played extremely well last game and is, as expected, leading the team in scoring. I was hoping for a little more from Brandan Wright in terms of rebounding and scoring. Maybe I was hoping that he would dominate and show he's ready to live up to the potential - I probably am too optimistic. And lastly, after I questioned CJ Watson, he came out and had a niiiice game, statistically speaking - 23 points, 7 assists (more than the first 2 games combined), and 5 steals. The guy has been a klepto this summer racking up 13 steals in 3 games.

I'm also guessing that dreamleague will be there up close and personal to scout out Marco, Wright, Randolph, and the rest of the team. I'll be waiting for his in-depth analysis.

As for the Kings, they're throwing out Patrick Ewing (not sure why they didn't put Jr after his name), Quincy Douby, and the always-feared Spencer Hawes.

The Warriors have this one in the bag. Undefeated summer league? It could happen.