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OPEN THREAD: Vegas Game 5 - Warriors vs Raptors

Warriors (3-1) vs Raptors (1-3)
Game Time: 3:00p

The final Warriors' game of the Vegas Summer League tips off today against the Raptors. The Warriors spoiled their chance to go undefeated last night against the Kings. With just 17.6 seconds left, the #12 draft pick, Jason Thompson tipped in a bucket to put the Kings in the lead. Seeing that reminded me of the draft when everyone was saying the Kings picked Thompson way too early. But if he works out for them, just goes to show that all those mock drafts and "experts" really don't have much more insight than you and I. But it also reminded me that Mullin and Nelson threw out feelers that they wanted Thompson possibly getting the Kings to jump the gun and "reach" for him at #12. Anyways, so I was curious to see how he's doing so far and he's got some nice numbers going - 15 points on 53% shooting and 8.5 boards in 27 minutes a night. That's better than our boy Brandan Wright is doing in 30 minutes a game.

Anyways, where was Marco last game? 1-10 shooting? 6 points and 5 fouls in just under 20 minutes? Ouch. Summer league, D-league, NBA, or pickup, that's just awful. As for surprises, CJ Watson had his second big game in a row. 24 points, 6 assists and another 4 steals. The guy is a straight thief. Brandan Wright didn't shoot so well, but did collect 11 boards, his first double digit rebound game this summer.

And last but not least, there was the rook, Anthony Randolph coming back from an ankle injury to score 16 points and grab 6 boards. Our summer league correspondent, dreamleague, had nothin but good things to say about watching Randolph up close, Summer Scout: A new Mully-ball Era?

Today, the Raptors fire back at our Warriors with a bunch of guys of little consequence. Joey Graham is their best player, Hassan Adams, and John Lucas- those are the 3 names I recognize. But wait, there's also Joel Bosh. I wonder if he's Chris Bosh's brother. And one more name pops out at you...

Rod Benson, of the Boom Tho fame, plays for the Raptors. He's only played in 4 minutes this summer league - that's why the Raptors are 1-3. Not sure why he's not playing more minutes (injury?) but he's a top D-League player, I would assume he'd do well in the summer league as well.

Anyways, last game of the summer league for the Dubs, enjoy it. It's the last bit of Warriors hoops you'll get until preseason.

Oops nevermind, as saintdee points out, we still have 4 more games in the Rocky Mountain Revue starting on Monday.

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