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OPEN THREAD: RMR Game 3: Warriors vs NBDL Ambassadors

UPDATE: Warriors win 82-81 Boxscore  |  Recap

Randolph didn't notch an assist and had an otherwise poor shooting day - 14 points, 6-17 from the field, 2-5 from the line. He did have 7 rebounds, 6 of them were offensive.

For more check out the boxscore.


Warriors (2-0) vs NBDL Ambassadors (0-2)
Game Time: 1:15p

I'm not really sure what it takes to make the NBDL Ambassadors team, but here's their roster. They're a bunch of rookies who didn't get drafted and probably have no chance of making an NBA roster this year, next year or ever. Maybe that's why they're 0-2. They do have some guys with fun names to say, Scooter McFadgon and Mo Charlo. But that's about it. Should be a piece of cake for this powerhouse Warriors team. Anyways, the boys will be able to work on a lot of things:

"Randy" will probably be handling the rock a lot and looking to work on his passing. He's been racking up the assists, but has just as many turnovers.

Morrow will continue to look to impress and earn a spot on the roster or at least an invite to training camp. He's been shooting the lights out and I don't expect that to stop.

He's competing with Jamont Gordon as well who's looking to make a big impression on the Warriors coaching staff with his scoring and his ability to get to the line.

And lastly, there's Richard Hendrix, Mr. double digit rebounds. He's doing exactly what he was advertised to do - rebound. Not sure how his defense is since I can't watch the games. If his defense is just okay, I'm not sure the rebounding will be enough to make the squad.

Game 3 tips off in just a little bit. Unfortunately, the game is not streaming and the RMR doesn't have a live boxscore. You'll have to wait until the boxscore comes out later.

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