Rumor: Warriors to Go After Josh Smith and Andre Iguodala


"The Warriors became players in free-agent negotiations after Baron Davis opted out of his contract Monday, and they could be the chief challengers to the Sixers, not only for Brand but also for Smith and Andre Iguodala. The Warriors have big offers on the table for two unrestricted free agents, Brand and guard Gilbert Arenas, who has been given a sizable contract proposal by his old team, the Washington Wizards. An NBA source said that, should both players spurn Golden State, the Warriors would go after who they feel are the best restricted free agents on the market: Smith and Iguodala." ----------------------------------------------------------- Josh Smith and Iggy are definitely nice players and I'd love to get either, but let's be honest- do you really think they're going to come to this loser franchise when their respective teams can offer them better deals? (please correct me if I'm wrong on the cap figures) If they do it will because the Warriors front office gets hoodwinked and offers some ridiculous Rashard Lewis type deal that even their own team won't match. I'll also reference what my man Modi posted in The Salary Cap Myth. Cap space is wildly overrated my friends. Chances are the Warriors aren't going to get a single major impact free agent. For the most part you win in this league with stellar drafting and amazing trades. Two things the Warriors historically have been absolutely horrendous at. Good times in Dubs land!