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Keeping it Golden... State of design!


It's been one rough week for the Warriors faithful. Boom going Hollywood happened so fast and I'm still in disbelief. I can only wish the best for Davis and look towards our future with the Dubz whether it be for better or worse. Jokingly, a friend asked me what I was going to do now that BD's gone since 75% of my portfolio had him in it. I got started with "designs after Baron..." since so many of my concepts included him in it and revolved around his lifestlye (the beard, films, music). Moving on, here are a couple fun ideas I whipped up with our current roster... We gots to keep it funky! Jump.


Remember Onyx? I swooped up their first album at Rasputin's bargain bin for a smooth 50 cents and gave the cover a good look. A perfect concept for our bad boys of Oakland. I had to add Marco and Brandon on it to give them some street credibility. The album was so blatantly raw, even the cover title had me busting up! Only on GSoM do we dare flip an album cover with a "W" feel!


This wasn't my favorite Goodie Mob album, it actually took me about a year to actually enjoy it. I remember when I first saw the album cover, my first thought was "sellouts!" At the same time, I still buy vinyl and cd's and one thing I really enjoy is cover art. The concept for this was too funny to pass up so I flipped Barkley as a featured artist alongside Stack Jack, CJ and Barnes. The font change was my favorite part of the concept.


I know... Monta isn't Pac! The idea of "Me against the world" is surefire and a big challenege for Monta to step his game up even higher. Pac's "Me against the world" album is a personal favorite in my collection featuring mellowed out beats from Easy Mo Bee and Shock G. it also has an emotion Pac lacing up some of his finest lyrics.


Had to do it... ODOB! I could never get enough of this album and its cover. I just had to flip it with our boy POB. Bakersfield Zoo! Only on GSoM!

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